Friday, October 8, 2010


First i saw u when msk season was started, it was so horrible week ok. First i saw u i really hate u because u was so gedix HATE U! And i also hear that she was a great PLAYGIRL! AWSOME!! haha and then i meet her agin at KEM REVOLUSI from there i my hearts say ( wow amy nie cantik jgk) haha but i hate her hate her very much until she talk to me "why ur name is fakh?" n i answered "errr dont know" (with my ear red) haha . My hate at her become more because she fined my group with "jalan itik" ouh gosh i feel like a children grr.. and then we chat at the facebook,  i dont know why i give her my hp number.. because i want to make her hearts hurt.. evil me rite? From thre we start massage everyday everysecond pretend that i like her..u want to know something? ( she a great sweeetalker) haha.. until a date 15.08.10 i declare her with no love just for fun.. n then we start a life with a gf n bf.. she was so caring n manje ..ouh gosh i started to felt in love with her! Then when i started to love her, her bad attitude came out, she date with other guy at mcd! ouh gosh my black history come again.. i stiil patient with her i try to accept her again..first we date when we BERBUKA PUASA together at KFC! haha ouh gosh i really2 shy dont know what to say because she so preety.. A day by day my love with her become so strong, n i love her very much.. Baby I LOVE U ! Until my last breath =)

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